Steam Train, Dream Train

Steam Train, Dream Train

Book - 2013
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Oct 13, 2020

A rhyming train story that's great for bedtime. Includes train vocabulary and some silly animals!

Jul 11, 2020

I got my 13 month old the board book version. Definitely gets five stars for the quality of the writing. However, after reading it to my daughter a few times and decided it was way too advanced for her. She had no interest in the book. The illustrations are intricate and don't have a lot of contrast because the story takes place at night. Not the best for my little one who likes bigger illustrations. Also, I felt like the anthropomorphism was too much for her age. I take a Montessori approach to reading and all the animals doing human things just wasn't the best fit for a one year old, IMO. I might consider this again when she is older.

Aug 09, 2018

My two year old absolutely loves trains, and she ADORES this book!

Sep 02, 2016

Very well written story, you can almost hear every sound. Wish it was available in a board book, but it is a very imaginative bedtime story great for all ages

Gabi_Dubh Jun 04, 2016

A perfect bedtime book for young train lovers. In a dreamy nighttime world the steam train fills up with animals and fantastical cargo. Monkeys play in the gondola-car's sandboxes, and polar bears eat ice-cream in the reefer car. it is definitely sleepy time by the time the caboose arrives red, shiny, and full of good friends.

Dec 30, 2015

Can't go wrong with trains and the idea/concept of this book is wonderful. Rhyming gives it a lulling quality while being a clever and exciting book for the imagination.

Dec 02, 2015

All little boys love trains and this one is whimsical and fun and will perhaps even lull them to sleep if you're lucky!

LMcShaneCLE Nov 27, 2015

Put this on your gift list - perfect bedtime story for new parents. Lovely and dreamy illustrations, lyrical text.

Jan 18, 2014

This book leaves a nice feeling, everything in the book is very positive. Our 3 years old likes it very much as a bedtime story. The only thing I find could be improved: all illustrations are very dark.

gigigal2101 Sep 18, 2013

I love the illustrations and the rhyming text. Wonderful story about things that go, imagination, and trains. Great bedtime story too!

Jun 14, 2013

My five year old who LOVES trains thought this book was so cool. He loves that it has all the animals doing crazy things to load the unusual cargo. The day he brought it home, he sat down to look at it and it kept him occupied for at least 20 minutes as he carefully studied each page. He really likes to count so on one page, he'd count the train cars, on another page he'd count the monkeys, etc. Fabulous book! I rarely give something 5 stars, but this one definitely deserves it!

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