The Serpent's Shadow

The Serpent's Shadow

eBook - 2012
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Mar 03, 2021

A very good book and highly recommended.

Carter and Sadie Kane aren’t normal teens, they have to save the world. After struggling to find a way to defeat Apophis in the looming war, they finally find a way, and they must do whatever it takes to succeed. However not only do they have to deal with the end of the world, but they have teenage drama. It’s not normal drama either, their drama is godly.

All-in-all It was a good book. It has a perfect balance between action and drama. This Book is for everyone that likes fiction, because of this balance. So If your looking for your next series I would definitely give this one a try.

Chun-Hung H Liu
Jul 15, 2020

After bringing back Ra the Sun-god and the King of the Gods of Egypt, Carter and Sadie Kane have discovered more problems. Ra is still old and senile; Carter and Sadie weren’t able to successfully defeat Apophis, who is the demonic chaotic serpent-god who wants to end the world, though they were able to slow down Apophis’ evil plan by temporarily disabling him. Although he is disabled, he will rise again but this time stronger than ever.

However, Apophis isn’t the only enemy. The Kanes must also face another enemy: rebel magicians. Some magicians like the idea of chaos returning, and some just hate the Kanes. So our main characters must try to end the chaos and fight off the rebel magicians at the same time. In order to defeat Apophis once and for all, they must find Apophis’s sacred shadow and use it against him. And now almost every spirit and everybody is dying as the world wanes. The Kanes must do this as quickly as possible in order to stop chaos from rising.

Being the third installment in this trilogy, this final part of the series is truly thrilling. This book has reached the climax of the entire series. This book to me is the best part of the trilogy because after all this hard work trying to fight off enemies, after all this trouble, after all this mess, they are finally fighting Apophis and FINALLY defeating him once and for all. Then after that, all of this pandemonium has ended and everything can finally go back to normal. Basically, this is like one of the parts where everyone is fighting with each other and finally, the hero beats the villain and everything can go back to normal and everything can calm down and none of this will ever happen again.

Author of the Serpent’s Shadow Rick Riordan throws in a lot of humor in this book which is funny because there is humor in a very serious event. Then after that what he does is he does a lot of descriptive writing in order to make the book a lot more interesting and makes it feel like the characters are alive in some sort of way. I also like the nature of how this book is written. The way the book is written doesn’t feel like it intimidates readers too much, because of the narrative flow of the book. The entire novel shifts between the narration of the Kanes in order to understand both of their emotions and feelings, making the plot easier to understand. Basically, this book is good because it uses descriptive writing and also the characters in the book make the story feel more radiant and alive and is good for people who are reading for fun.

Nov 27, 2019

This book is absolutely outstanding! It is so inspiring to see what all of the trainees can do after training for not even a year! This book is jam packed full of epic battles, crazy adventure, etc. As with all of Riordan's other mythology books, this book reminds me that, ancient civilizations are still very much alive today. Their customs, languages, and especially their mythologies and beliefs live on, and will live on forever.

Jun 03, 2019

Book 3

People who say the Kane Chronicles are horrible must DIE!!! I set the wrath of Isis on you and stuff! :P

Nov 04, 2017

This book had a fabulous plot! Though I am a bit disappointed because of all the "unnecessary" side adventures. I probably would have enjoyed more without those.

Mar 18, 2017

this book actually disappointed me a little, SPOILER ALERT there was a lot more talking involved in defeating Apophis. there wasn't as much action as in the throne of fire. I expected it to be like the blood of Olympus, or the last Olympian. this was not what I expected.

Sep 25, 2016

Here lies the last book where we learn about Sadie and Carter Kane's adventures to save the world! Actually that would probably be a lie considering the Greek-Egyptian book that came out, but let's ignore that. They face a series of problems, as any good awesome protagonists do, and will either emerge victorious, or not at all. But on the happy side, we get to meet some new characters and re-encounter some old favourites. What will happen in this fantastic finale? What sacrifices, if any, would have to be made? have fun reading like I did! 5/5 Stars.
- @Siri of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

The final book in the Kane Chronicles, and I have to say I am sorry to see the series end. Once more you have magic, fickle Egyptian gods, and the humor and wit of Sadie and Carter Kane. This really is a good series. My son loved it and even quotes parts of the books. I love how Riordan includes humor in his adventure stories--it is a great book for boys.

Jul 29, 2016

its an ok book I guess. it is the kane chronicles but it way to much suspense. a little over the top

Jul 10, 2015

I love the Sadie Anibus Walt triangle!!! Good Carter and Zia are together. Sadie and Walt are together!! YES!!!! (insert fist pump)

Feb 11, 2015

Oh my Horus! Loved it! It began with tragedy, continued with power, grew into another great, epic quest that sped through betrayal, revealed secrets, and more unions between magician and Egyptian gods, and finally ended with a great, explosive, satisfying ending! I don't think I could've asked for it to have been done better.

KevinZhang611 Nov 21, 2014

AWESOME BOOK!!! It was very good i just hope this is not the last book but I heard this was the conclusion of the Kane Chronicles. :(

Oct 20, 2014

RIORDAN FOR LIFE! hes done it again with another amazing finisher to an amazing series

Sep 24, 2014

This book made me sad.
I felt slightly uncompleted when I finished it.
But all and all. I loved it and the whole series.
I'm so glad I found it. it was fun adventurous and dangerous and alittle romance thrown in.

BlockHawk Aug 05, 2014

This is the best book out of the series. Epic finale and very cool.

Jul 20, 2014

i don t really like this book it is
good still

blue_rabbit_229 Jul 14, 2014

I love this book, every book in the Kane chronicles just keeps getting better and better, but WITHOUT A DOUBT this is the best of them all.

Jun 27, 2014

Definitely a great book! Very adventurous!

Marlinthefish Jun 25, 2014

Awesome book, it is very exciting at the end!

Jun 06, 2014

Best book ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 24, 2014

This is the last book?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 21, 2014

I absolutely loved this book. It kept me up late reading and I was never bored. I really wish that Rick Riordan would do a full crossover series with the Percy Jackson series or even the Heroes of Olympus.

Doctor_10101 Jan 15, 2014

Great last book to the Kane Chronicles. The humor was relevant, the characters entertaining, and the story was overall pretty well written.

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