The Pelican Brief

The Pelican Brief

DVD - 1997
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Aug 17, 2020

it's denzel at one of his best movies it's got political thriller,action,drama.etc.
I think it will not will be great for a young audiences it's bloody violence.greed.etc
but it is a great movie.but not suitable for young audience.same as the wild bunch it's not suitable for today's audience.

Oct 29, 2019

Grisham, Roberts, Washington - Excellent!
Keeps you focused and interested from the first note.
One of those movies you wish you hadn't seen yet
so you can watch it again and again.

May 24, 2019

This is one of my favorite John Grisham "movies", and I liked it way before I even read the book. Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington have great chemistry as the leads in this fast-paced film that reveals more and more clues as it unfolds. It's very well written and it wasn't until after I had seen it a bunch of times that I knew why it differed so much from the book. If the lead character had been white, instead of black, I can bet you that they would have kept it truer to the book. I won't give away anything. Just watch the movie and see for yourself; then if you're really curious, read the book as well. You'll be surprised at the differences.

Jan 13, 2019

"You can't handle the brief!" "It's. . .the pelicans!" Not actual lines in the movie. Sorry, I feel asleep for a second while writing about this. The second of the great Grisham boom of the 1990s, a decade I'll always think of as the decade of the legal thriller. Long and sluggish, "The Pelican Brief" is one of the weakest in the Grisham film canon. Did director Alan J. Pakula, who directed far superior political thrillers like "All the President's Men," tell Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington to have zero chemistry? There is a huge supporting cast, which is kinda fun. Clearly they set it up for a sequel that never happened, "The Pelican Brief 2: Night of the Pelicans." Came out the same year as "The Firm."

Mar 02, 2018

I watched this years ago and it still sticks in my mind as a very good film. Great acting by Danzel and Julia. Well worth the time to watch.

Mar 01, 2018

I love this movie.

Jan 16, 2018

The Pelican Brief, 1993, cost $45 million to make and brought in $195.3 million: a pretty damn good return that gave all of its stars booster rockets for anything they wanted next to pursue. Denzel Washington was perfectly cast as the reporter putting his life on the line. Julia Roberts was good as the law student who seems to be running for her life from the opening scene. Fortunatley she is kept in line by a good script and a good director. The movie itself fits with a world that loves conspiracy theory and the thought that everyone with money and connections just has to be 'dirty'. The President is being charged with obstruction of justice by asking people to step back from investigating the powerful figure running the oil industry. Where have we heard about claims of obstruction of justice in our world? But John Grisham writes drama and promotes conspiracy wherever he turns his attention to. Remember, this is only a movie.

Jun 06, 2017

This political thriller starring Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts has similarities to the excellent "Parallax View" and "Three Days of the Condor." All involve state secrets and investigators whose lives are in danger because there are those in the highest seats of government that are desperately attempting to kill them. All three films star some of Hollywood's best and most serious actors with a great balance of action and character development.

May 01, 2017

I only give this DVD 3 stars out of 5 stars. This DVD had no sex scenes. It is not good for a young audience. It has some violence. The script is strong. The the story held together with the quality of the actors. The story seemed plausible. I like the way it talked about the environmental issue.

johnf108 Jun 14, 2014

See if you can guess who Kamel (sp) the hired killer was without looking at the credits.
The actor later suffered from the same problem [though much less so] that Orsen Wells and William Shatner did.

Sep 30, 2013

This is a 1993 legal crime thriller based on the novel of the same name by John Grisham.
It stars Julia Roberts in the role of young law student Darby Shaw and Denzel Washington as Washington Herald reporter Gray Grantham---two big names.
The author of the novel is also such a big name.
The DVD cover says, "A heart-stopping, spine-chilling, adrenaline-pumping, run-for-your-life thriller."
So, naturally, I was prepared for the heart-stopping moments, but alas! Within the first thirty minutes, no spine-chilling, run-for-my-life events occurred.
I was so bored that I simply quit watching.

Jun 10, 2013

I returned this on Saturday it was damaged...this is the second time I have brought back this same copy that doesnt stops 1/2 way through....obviously the library assistant didnt check it in for me just said she would take if off the shelves this time. She did a request for me for the library to purchase a copy as she said there were no more copies..
..but this morning I get a notification from the library the have many copies!\
So Ive requested a hold on this and I have returned the damaged copy

johnf108 Mar 13, 2013

nityadarbha The movie continues on the other side of the disk. Few movies have done this.

I really liked the movie but wondered if she never heard of Kinkos. I.e. make copies of the brief and send to multiple government offices and the press. Would have made killing her unimportant.
But Harry Markopolos who brought down Barry Madoff sent his evidence to SEC [and met with their staff] and press and no one would listen.

Oct 03, 2012

Outstanding adaptation of the John Grisham novel; it plays much more as a conspiracy thriller than a legal procedural, which is why I like it more than the others, both films and books. Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington have a terrific chemistry in the leading roles, and the supporting cast is strong. Exceptional direction, with good pacing throughout. Highly recommended. For those wondering about the DVD: the copy I had features part of the film on one side of the disc, the rest on the other. I noticed this upon opening the case. Very odd, considering the movie's under two and a half hours long...

nityadarbha Sep 28, 2012

The DVD I borrowed does not have the entire movie, only 2/3rds of it. Anybody else with the same issue?

wayne19711012 Feb 22, 2012


Oct 03, 2011

As good as the book is, that few movies have accomplished.

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