I wish I could say that I truthfully liked this book, but I can’t. It isn’t that the author isn’t a good writer and she has an interesting story line. She makes it so you want to read on and find out what happens, but the book can sort of bring you down with its hopelessness. Yes, in the end things work out, but so many years have passed, and i find it hard to believe that people’s lives and ideas of others wouldn’t change along with time. I didn’t care for the length of time betweeen Jessica and Anthony’s reuniting, and then boom! The whole story’s quest ends and takes off with new characters!
I didn’t really care for Ellie at all. She seemed like she was so willing to be used and throughout, by allowing this use, underestimated her worth.
Adultery is a dead-end street. This book shows some of that, but it also sort of glamorizes it. I don’t agree with its glamorization.

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