The Oath
The Oath The Obama White House and the Supreme Court By Toobin, Jeffrey Book - 2012 | 1st ed.

Similar to Mr. Toobin's previous book [The Nine], the author simply skims the surface, safe from anything insightful, what you would expect from a CNN legal analyst. If that's what the book was written for, then congratulations, thanks for the propaganda. Here, we are examining President Corporations himself, and we are still stuck in the political theatre of Republicans versus Democrats, Neoconservatives versus Neoliberals! What both parties have in common is big Corporate contributions, and the Supreme Court has a major role in opening up Corporate power. That needs to be addressed clearly and concisely, but you'll have to find that elsewhere (may I recommend Matt Taibbi's The Divide). Humanizing the judges without explaining the consequences of their decisions makes this a fluff-piece bedtime story for children. In the meantime, let us go watch Glenn Greenwald slap Toobin on national television.

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