Caste The Origins of Our Discontents By Wilkerson, Isabel Book - 2020 | First edition.

Caste is excellent. Absolutely excellent. Wilkerson writes in clear, accessible language that is both critical and convincing. This book will make it very difficult to "turn away" or ignore the realities of racism: its history, and current influence. I really appreciate the way Wilkerson explores the connections between racism and caste systems. Her explanation makes so much sense that I thought "of course! Why haven't we been talking about society in this way all along?!" I kept reading and Wilkerson answered that question. I thought she provided an excellent mix of public and personal examples and I really respect the privacy she affords the people she describes. I highly recommend this book. If you are reading currently (January 2021), know that there are many, many online opportunities to engage with Wilkerson (and other experts who are impressed by her work). There are webinars, live talks, and other virtual events. If you love the book and want to hear more, follow her on social media.

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