Cemetery Boys
Cemetery Boys By Thomas, Aiden Book - 2020 | First edition.

A great read! I found parts of characterization of the teens to be more of an idea of what teens are like rather than what they really are - but what do I know, I'm not one anymore so maybe I'm wrong. Otherwise this story was fun and exciting and had a plot twist you can predict is coming only if you really read between the lines - to get to the reveal and get to know you had called it earlier was vindicating haha! It takes a bit to build up to actual action part of the plot but the build makes it worth it as you grow attached to the characters and invested in their story. The main character being trans was a bonus for me, and I enjoyed that with it being a story centered around death and ghosts as well as lgbtq+ people it still ends happily for the main cast.

15karobinson's rating:
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