Mermaids in Paradise
Mermaids in Paradise By Millet, Lydia Downloadable Audiobook - 2014 | Unabridged.

This book started out as a three-star book. It was humorous, and the writing style was witty and engaging. I liked main character Deb's observations on weddings, mud runs and the like. The mermaids pushed it firmly into two-star territory. The introduction of the fantastical element was abrupt, rather jarring, and not entirely well handled. The ending is what made this a one-star book. What a cheap, utterly worthless way to end a book. If I tried that in my sophomore creative writing class in college, my professor would have flunked me after laughing in my face. And I would have deserved it. I would have thrown this book across the room if I hadn't been listening to it on my phone.

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