Happy City
Happy City Transforming Our Lives Through Urban Design By Montgomery, Charles Book - 2013 | First edition.

As a Vancouver-rite its always fun to read about your city in e.g. after e.g. of how things have played out or are playing out.

Those people who managed to slow our rapid freeway/highway expansion that was planned in the 70's/80's, thank you so very much. It may not have even been what you intended but you have impacted both our present and future. I think positively.

So many things in here are counter intuititive, in my opinion. It seems obvious to improve traffic build bigger/better roads. Thankfully books like this one prove that idea not only wrong but suggest reforming our cities thereby impacting ALL segments of society (work, play, education etc...). Good book but many will not want to hear the message, just yet..........

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