Space Case
Space Case By Gibbs, Stuart Book - 2015 | 1st Simon & Schuster Bks. for Young readers pbk. ed. October 2015.

Plot: The Space Case is a science fiction and mystery book set in 2041 on a Moon Space Base. Dr. Holts, a world renowned scientist, is found dead after he went on an unauthorized moonwalk and died because his gear was not put on properly. The moon back head, Nina, claims that the Dr.Holts chose to go moonwalking because he had gotten “space madness”. The main character, a 12 year old named Dash, met the doctor a few hours before his death and is suspicious that the doctor had gone insane. The doctor was not only fine when Dash met him but he was overjoyed over a discovery he made. When Dash tries to talk to his parents and other adults they just wave away his concerns. Dash makes it his missions to find the murder with the help of his friends. Will Dash be able to find the killer? What was Dr.Holts incredible discovery? Find out that and more by checking out the book.

My thoughts: I think that the Space Case is an incredible book for a few reasons. The first reason is the plot. The plot of the book is not only exciting with all of it’s plot twists, it also has very intense moments that are very intense. I also enjoyed the flow of the mystery. All in all I would recommend the book “The Space Case” because of the plot and mystery.

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