American Heiress
American Heiress The Wild Saga of the Kidnapping, Crimes and Trial of Patty Hearst By Toobin, Jeffrey Book - 2016 | First edition.

Was Patty Hearst a hapless victim under the stress of Stockholm Syndrome? Well, she was kidnapped, but she became a willing participant in a string of bank robberies staged by the Symbionese Liberation Army, so the answer is no. Did she know how to play the media when she was finally captured? Absolutely - and she and her family did. This book is a compelling tale of one of the most bizarre episodes of the 1970s, set against a time when America was extremely violent - to the point that an average of fifteen hundred terrorist attacks occurred every year. It also recounts the ridiculous food distribution program in San Francisco and Oakland the kidnappers demanded as "ransom," as well as the biggest police shootout in American history to that time. In addition to the main characters, the book also includes a rather odd collection of supporting players, including (but not limited to) Ronald Reagan, Joan Baez, Jim Jones, Kevin Kline, F. Lee Bailey, John Wayne - and Lance Ito. Patty Hearst may have "redeemed" herself in the strict sense of the word, but her crimes can never be forgotten - this book is an attempt to make sure they aren't.

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