I love this series! Commissaire Adamsberg is not like any policeman you have ever known or read about. He is deeply intuitive and creative; he really tunes in to the undercurrents that are all around us but not visible. He is a fascinating character, and he has success in complex cases that totally stump the linear thinkers.

His whole team of policemen and women who work with him are also quirky misfits in one way or another. Like Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, Adamsberg lets the people in his group be themselves, which allows their talents to blossom and their contributions to be appreciated and useful. One can imagine that these people would not be successful police if they had a different boss. But the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, and his group is highly regarded for its results, even if others think Adamsberg is strange.

This latest book has an interesting complicated plot, and we learn more about the characters. I highly recommend reading this series in order, as the series is like one long book in many ways. You need to know what happened before to understand what is happening now.

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