The Mysterious Benedict Society
The Mysterious Benedict Society By Stewart, Trenton Lee Book - 2017 | First Tenth Anniversary Edition.

“Are you a Gifted Child looking for Special Opportunities?” The ad catches the eye of Reynie Muldoon, an orphan who doesn’t fit in at his orphanage one bit thanks to his advanced intellect. To receive his Special Opportunity, Reynie discovers he must take several tests, each more puzzling than the last. During the course of his testing, Reynie meets several other gifted children with unique talents, but it is only when the final group of four has been selected that Reynie discovers what the Special Opportunity is: a chance to save the world. Mr. Benedict has uncovered a plot to brainwash the world using secret messages sent through television and radio waves and only these four gifted children, the Mysterious Benedict Society, have the power to infiltrate the island stronghold of the evil mastermind behind the plot. To save the day, the Society will need all their talents, but more importantly they must learn to work together – and time is running out.

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