The Mysterious Benedict Society
The Mysterious Benedict Society By Stewart, Trenton Lee Book - 2017 | First Tenth Anniversary Edition.

An exciting read especially for children, this fictional work mainly focuses on a group of four children, each possessing unique talents. Together, they form the Benedict society, and are instructed to investigate an institution. Through many attempts to expose the institution’s secrets and its founder’s motives, the Benedict society advances to the last stage of the investigation—bringing down the founder. Read the book to find out more about what happens to the four children. I liked the author’s style of delving into character details, and by the end of the adventure I felt that I had gained insight into the diverse relationships between characters. A major portion of the novel had my eyes glued to the page, especially due to the author’s incorporation of various troublesome situations for the Benedict society. These nerve wracking scenes played a major role in making the read enticing, and for me they were very effective. I would not be afraid to recommend this book to anyone, as it is appropriate for all ages of sufficient reading level.
Age rating: 9 and up

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