The Mysterious Benedict Society
The Mysterious Benedict Society By Stewart, Trenton Lee Book - 2017 | First Tenth Anniversary Edition.

A group of child prodigies working together to defeat a madman who seeks to become the master of the world. Who wouldn't like to start reading!?

When I first saw this book the cover of the book made me think okay, this book might be a little strange and spooky. Was I wrong! This is now one of my favorite books! This is book is full of morally uplifting, well, goodness. A wonderful mystery adventure with plenty of cleverness and humor. I nice clean plot with no lurking evil. There is absolutely no foul or crude language. I've ended up reading this book time and time again(and have now added it to my personal collection!) it's just the type that doesn't get old! This book is good for all ages if you just want to put your nose in a good fast-paced, well developed novel. Younger audiences may become confused as this book has an advanced vocabulary.

Now, finally, my summary:
This book takes place in a city called Stonetown. There, a young orphan named Reynie takes a series of tests when he sees a strange add offering "special opportunities".
He soon meets up with two other kids: one named Sticky, and the other named Kate. They together take another test and meet a girl named Constance. Once they finish they meet Mr. Benedict, a kindly middle aged man with narcolepsy. soon after they intercept a radio broadcast. And before they know it they are on a top secret missions facing one of the world's most brilliant geniuses and mad men! Together they develop their talents and mak life wrong friendships. As they struggle together to save the worldm time is running out! Will they save the world and maybe even more importantly save their friendship? Find out and read the mysterious benedict society by Trenton lee Stewart. Check quotes for a poem from one of this trilogy- I think it's hilarious!

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