I am having a tough time reviewing this book as I am torn between I loved this book and I hated it so I am going the in between route.
I wanted to love it which I did for about almost half way through but then it got very annoying. Yes, the whole story was predictable which I would have been fine with (to be fair I am fine with the ending) but it did get very repetitive and I felt like things were thrown in there just to increase the length of the story.
I loved the interracial couple thing and did not know about this particular bit until I started reading it. I liked Alexa for the most part but she did annoy me when she was being so immature and had a fit at the party just like that. And speaking of immature, Drew was immature for the most part and although I liked him I liked Alexa better. I liked how they were carrier driven. I also liked the instant chemistry between them.
I did not like the repetitive things from half way through to the end of the story. I did not like how Carlos were there just help Drew realize his feelings for Alexa and how he got abused for being a good and caring friend. I know nothing else about Carlos except that he is best friends with Drew and his ethnicity. I still don't know why Theo was in the story except for sending few work emails and get donuts and stuff like that.
I wish the characters were a bit more mature and the story had a bit more depth to it and a lot less annoying to read.
2.5 stars

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