Nine Perfect Strangers
Nine Perfect Strangers By Moriarty, Liane Book - 2018 | First U.S. edition.

I wish I could give negative stars. Rich, bored, self-obsessed whiners go to a more than full service spa for 10 days of unlimited messages, individual workout training, unlimited counseling sessions--and the first night the dinner consists of 12 entirely different, individualized meals. Then they do nothing but whine and mope and feel even sorrier for themselves until they learn they are being drugged. More feeling sorry for themselves ensues.
I can see that Moriarty was trying to write a Maeve Binchy style--story of weaving together threads of stories to make a novel. What she did for me, was offer 12 horrid people who I had hoped would all die in the end. I usually give authors a second or even third chance, but I am DONE with Moriarty.

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