Miracle Creek
Miracle Creek By Kim, Angie Book - 2019 | First edition.

Story about a Korean immigrant's family that is fatally intertwined with several families with special needs children. The story is told through the perspectives of 5 characters, each having chapters to tell their side of the background to the courtroom drama. The author, a lawyer herself and a mother of a child with health issues, is well placed to write this story. The description of the mothers' lives with special needs kids is very well done to the point of being overdone for me, but the author certainly succeeds in showing the thoughts, the emotions, and the actions of these mothers to improve their childrens' lives. Words do not fail this author! From the standpoint of a lawyer, the author also is familiar with clients' white lies, their tailored replies to probing questions, withholding vital information, and different views of the facts. Her courtroom setting is not the boring Q&A session of a Perry Mason drama. The novel was an enjoyable read with many insights uncommon in a murder mystery book.

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