Royal Holiday
Royal Holiday By Guillory, Jasmine Book - 2019 | First edition.

I don't typically care for romance novels as I find most to be too superficial, although I do usually try read a holiday book each year, and most do include a romantic aspect. Without reservation, I can say that I'm thrilled that I happened upon this holiday book! I would classify this as a mature romance, not just because the main characters are in their 50's, but that the romance is one that isn't your typical "love at first sight, need to fall immediately into each other's arms, etc.", but rather it is more of a slower paced, thoughtful, and respectful kind of romance that grows with kindness and insight, rather than with drama. I absolutely loved it and found it very refreshing. I should mention that this book got mainly great reviews on Amazon, with the few poor reviews stating they would have enjoyed the book more if characters had been younger, as in other books by the author, and the pace had moved faster. It may be due to the fact that that I'm older, but I absolutely loved the book, both the romance between older adults and the slower pace. It was very refreshing and made me feel good for days!

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