Leave the World Behind
Leave the World Behind A Novel By Alam, Rumaan Book - 2020 | First edition.

Horrifically bad. Rumaan Alam is a pretentious, talentless hack. He tries way too hard to write "literature," but he comes off like a middle schooler who has just discovered a thesaurus. The 50¢ words are more jarring than erudite. The endless run-on sentences and abysmal writing prove he is no scholar, and neither is his editor (if such a person even exists). For a book about the end of the world, this is surprisingly boring. Unfortunately, it follows the most uninteresting, unlikable people. Are you ready for a two page grocery list? Because you're getting a two page grocery list. Truly a disappointment, because the story could have been interesting if written by a mildly talented author. Rumaan Alam should stick to writing grocery lists, but even that may be above and beyond his talents.

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