This book is just so cozy and pleasant that I would consider reading it again. Even if it was sweet and maybe predictable it made me root for the characters.

It does have a kind of fairy tale or fable feel. Certain things seem very heightened or exaggerated for the sake of making a point. Yet all the stuff about struggling to be who you are in the face of rejection, finding your place in life, and accepting yourself is really excellently done in my opinion and deeply relatable and meaningful.

This book is one hundred percent characters. It is all character journeys, interpersonal drama, and emotional struggles. So I get that could be boring for some. But there is just such a strong thread of compassion and caring and doing the right thing even when it's hard that shines so brightly and strongly here that I consider it to have been highly worth my time and I will check out more of the author's work.

The feeling I got during and after reading this book is the same as what I got from the Becky Chambers' Wayfarers books. They're obviously very different in content but to me there is an atmosphere and sense of humanism that is similar.

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