It was beautifully crafted, I really have no complaints for the book and the character in it- I absolutely loved it. Unlike many romantic fantasy novels the main male lead was actually a nice guy- though I did find myself quite disgruntled at his showing affections for another woman, the main character, when he was engaged- though it was not a happy engagement.
Any how the only truely negative thing I could say about this is that the romance at the end felt a little, and I truely mean a little, forced. But it was very believable because there was more on the line than their love for one another. Ani loved the country as much as she loved the prince, if not more, so it was very realistic that she would accept the princes invitation to marry.
I was very pleased with the story, it was astounding how Hale show this massive amount of character development for Ani. Seeing Ani go from a shy passive victim, to someone who goes after what they want and says what needs to be said was so cool.
Content Warnings:
No sex
No foul language
Some brief indications that the enemy would rape her before they killed her- but it was tiptoed around and some younger audiences might not grasp the meaning. This book was not by any means 'rape-y' like so many YA novels.
Some violence - her party is murdered in front of her, it's not described a lot save for the description of a sword going through a young guards chest. Some other intermittent violence, a battle at the end with mentions of stabbing and death. And the villainess being dragged by her hair to the throne room.
There was the mention of the penalty for betrayal being that the offender striped naked in public and placed in a barrel of nails and dragged around the city by a horse- which was to be enacted on the villainess, and was threatened to the protagonist.
The protagonist was also held hostage by the enemy.
There was some mentions of maddness.

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