George and Lizzie
George and Lizzie A Novel By Pearl, Nancy Book - 2017 | First Touchstone hardcover edition.

There is no doubt that Nancy Pearl is a local treasure, recommending books for every taste and persuasion. I have loved listening to her on KUOW. When I saw she was publishing a book, I pumped my fist. Go Nancy! Congratulations for trying something new, for branching out and taking a risk.

With all of the advance promotion and anticipation, I was sorely disappointed by this book. I'm not sure what sort of story I was expecting, but it certainly wasn't a young woman trying to bury her sorrows with alcohol and drug use after deciding to have sex with her high school football team as a 'game'. As Nancy herself suggests, if a book doesn't grab you in the first 50 pages, you should walk away. I pushed the book away and then looked around for honest reviews. This seems to be a case of the Emperor Wears No Clothes. If it wasn't for Pearl's rock-star status, would this book have made it to publication?

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