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DBRL_KatieL made a comment Mar 03 2018
"I both like and dislike this book. The pop up illustrations are wonderful, and the little story they tell is cute. However, I looked at this first as a book with elaborate illustrations, and you can not actually read the book. Granted each page..." Permalink
DBRL_KatieL made a comment Jan 31 2018
"Simple text paired with illustrations that fill the entire page make up this story, and lend this book to sharing with groups-the kids would be able to see the pictures. Each page has about one or two sentences, with some 'clucks' scattered aroun..." Permalink
DBRL_KatieL made a comment Jan 17 2018
"Beautiful, both in illustrations and story. The story is about a little boy, Tony, who along with his mother help a local animal shelter during a fund raiser. The mother plays her cello, and Tony donates all his stuffed animals for the auction. Wh..." Permalink
DBRL_KatieL made a comment Jan 06 2018
"A sequel to "Leonardo, the terrible monster", after Sam and Leonardo become friends. Sam is still scared of everything, especially Kerry another kid who is friends with a monster. Leo and the other monster decide to leave the to kids tog..." Permalink
DBRL_KatieL made a comment Nov 13 2017
"This book was a journey. You start out wondering where the author will take everyone next, and for a while no one really seems to know-they are just trying to figure out how to stay alive and not lose any ground (or other lives) for their cause. T..." Permalink
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