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May 13, 2021SAPL_Teens rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
Juniper Jade has a abnormal life. After 16 years of all natural home remedies, making her own clothes, all organic and locally sourced foods, and no vaccines, she is used to it. But when she contracts measles and ends up in the hospital, she is left looking at her life in a different way. She begs her parents to let her get vaccines but when they refuse, she comes to the hard decision to sue her parents to be able to get vaccinated. In Juniper's search for freedom, she finds love, friends, happiness, responsibility and the true meaning of family. Overall, a really fantastic and creative book. The internal conflict of the main character is so profound and compelling. All the characters are amazing and unique in their own special way. The story is told from 16 year old Juniper Jade's point of view and you can almost believe that a 16 year old girl is talking to you and explaining her story from the way the book is written. My only critique is that the book was very fast paced and it felt rushed at times. But this book is truly great and I would definitely recommend it. 4/5 stars, Aerya, 14, SAPL Read It & Review Contributor