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St. Augustine was billed as the oldest city in America, the very spot where Ponce de León landed and began exploring. Long on history and heavy on tourism, it was a lovely town with historic buildings and thick Spanish moss dripping from ancient oaks. === As lawyers, they valued their time. As investigators, they had learned patience. The two roles were often in conflict. === I’m legit, or as legit an any ex-con can be, and every word I’m saying is true.” === And the story I can tell you involves more dirty cash than all the others combined. It also involves bribery, extortion, intimidation, rigged trials, at least two murders, and one wrongful conviction. There’s a man rotting away on death row an hour from here who was framed. The man responsible for the crime is probably sitting on his boat right now, a boat much nicer than mine. === “Ever hear of the Catfish Mafia?”